Virus Prevention 101

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Last year I published my VIRUS PREVENTION 101 series in TOURBUS, and it was extremely popular. Since the past few weeks have brought us news of so many new computer viruses, I’ve updated and combined those articles and made the entire text available here. If you think the advice is helpful, please feel free to forward this issue to a friend.


I have an unorthodox strategy for dealing with computer viruses. It doesn’t involve the use of firewalls or anti-virus software. But if everyone understood the simple virus safety tips I’ll outline here, the virus writers would get very bored very quickly.

Sooner or later you WILL receive an email that contains a computer virus. Perhaps you got one today with M-y-D-o-o-m attached. But if you understand a few simple concepts about email and viruses, there is really nothing to worry about. I’ve been using email for twenty years, and I receive hundreds of messages daily. Even though I get viruses in my inbox every day, I’ve NEVER been affected by one.

If you take a few minutes to read and apply the following concepts to your own email handling, you can have the same protection and peace of mind without buying any expensive anti-virus software. (There ARE some good reasons for having anti-virus protection, and I’ll mention those later.)

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