Keanu Reeves denies Cyberpunk 2077: “never played”

The Matrix and John Wick actor denies having tried CD Projekt’s RPG shooter, debunking a statement from the developers.

In an interview, Keanu Reeves has revealed that he doesn’t play video games and that he hasn’t even tried one of the most recent ones in which he is a protagonist. This thesis is in clear contrast with the words of CD Projekt, the house that has made Cyberpunk 2077, in which Reeves plays the role of the key character Johnny Silverhand. Close to the release, in fact, the Polish software house had made it known that Reeves had played, though not finished, the shooter-RPG published last year.

Speaking to the microphones of, the actor – who recently returned to putting his face in video games, with an impressive demo of Matrix in Unreal Engine 5 – revealed that he doesn’t play video games, even those in which he is depicted. “Do you play video games?” the interviewer asked him. “No,” was Keanu Reeves’ response. “Really? Not even Cyberpunk?” the reporter replied, to which Reeves articulated with his usual frankness, “No, I mean, I’ve seen demonstrations, but I’ve never played it.”