About Web Safe Colors

What are Web Safe Colors? People that use the internet are generally using either a PC or a MAC home computer. Even though the web interface is standardized, the hardware and software on the surfer’s home computer is not. In Read More

What is an Image?

A picture or graphic representation What is an Image File? The physical means by which an image is implemented on a computer What is a Web Image Format? A type of image file that can be viewed by web browsers, Read More

The Internet

The internet allows many computers to talk to each other in a variety of languages. One of these is HTML, the language of the world wide web. Another is FTP, which is a way to transfer files back and forth. Read More

Virus Prevention 101

Reprinted with permission from http://www.tourbus.com/vp101.htm. Last year I published my VIRUS PREVENTION 101 series in TOURBUS, and it was extremely popular. Since the past few weeks have brought us news of so many new computer viruses, I’ve updated and combined Read More

Developer Tips

This section of the Master Your Domain Series contains articles briefly introducting you to the basics of website development including: Content Design HTML Programming Some Fundamentals : Once you’ve gotten yourself a domain for your site and a hosting account, Read More