How Mobile Devices Have Revolutionised Online Gambling

A decade ago, mobile gambling was not even an option for players, however it has now exploded, with customers spending on mobile games having increased by around 55% since 2014. The market is only set to go from strength to strength in the UK, as well as elsewhere, with online casinos putting an increasing amount of work into their mobile offerings. While some countries still restrict players to social gaming, those in the UK are able to take advantage of a huge number of real money games, with almost a third of all players now using their smartphones or tablets to take part.

The spike in mobile gaming can be put down to the fact that people are generally enjoying spending more time on their mobile devices, whilst such platforms also allow for a more interactive experience in many cases. Whatever the reasons, players are now in a position to gamble on the go, whenever and wherever they please, something that has majorly changed the industry. Providers are also taking advantage of this revolution, offering real money casino games via specialist gaming apps and websites.

Mobile Devices Redefining Online Gambling Experience

Developments in technology over recent years have undoubtedly improved the number of options available to players today, with a near-perfect user-experience now being available to all. As well as this, providers are themselves able to reach an increasing number of players, including specialist mobile users. Meanwhile, those who are able to achieve success in this area will also be more likely to achieve growth in other sectors of the industry. However, casinos and gaming platforms must still ensure that they provide a quality service from the off, with the following changes being experienced due to the evolvement of mobile devices.

Changing Behaviour

Mobile devices have certainly played a key role in changing consumer behaviour, including when it comes to gambling. Players have now conditioned themselves to move freely between desktop and mobile devices, allowing customers to be more easily reached, however it potentially takes more to attract their attention in the first place.

Mobile Exclusive Gaming

The number of desktop users is decreasing at a fairly rapid rate, with many players having abandoned their desktop in favour of mobiles due to their ease of use and convenience. As a result, this is having a significant impact upon the online gambling industry. Mobile casinos are now even starting to develop mobile-exclusive services for such users.

Enhanced Innovation

Increasing use of mobile devices also means that gaming platforms have become far more innovative, with providers now battling it out to be the best around in this area. Talent from outside of the industry is now being brought in by providers, broadening their horizons in doing so.